4 Weeks Deep

(For optimal results, open this link in a separate tab and play the song twice while you read the post… because math.)

Things that I’ve come to learn about Smith:

Clipping bolts is exhilarating. If trad climbing is chess — with all the consideration for pro, extending draws, hitting the deck, etc. — sport climbing is checkers: similar but simpler with instant gratification.

Climbing with guides is awesome. Lucky for me, most of my friends here are guides. Everyone generally has a project and an idea about where the best climbing is. I’ve been exposed to a wide variety of ultra-classic and really-good-but-not-quite-classic climbs. And I’ve gotten the best belays of my life.

Grigri is god here. The ATC that I learned on raises eyebrows — people are all about that assisted braking mechanism. I’ve also gotten a chance to experiment with Edelrid’s Mega-Jul, which I really like for easy lowers and a less-bulky assisted brake.

And lastly, the community here is small but wonderful. Terrebonne (or T-bone as it’s sometimes called) is home to a few really dedicated climbers. I feel lucky to have been so quickly invited in and appreciate everyone’s kindness. It’s been wonderful climbing with people so passionate about this place. I look forward to being an ambassador to my home crags and paying it forward.


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