Here we go

I paused for a moment, my cursor hesitant, hovering over the word “Send” beneath my company e-mail signature. Then I thought to myself, “Here we go,” and clicked my job away. With that simple click, I’ve launched myself into the unknown and can’t wait to see what’s around the corner.

Back in June, I climbed the Grand Wall in Squamish and was absolutely spanked by the difficulty of the line. There’s a 10b layback section that reduced me to tears and made me question how I could call myself a climber. Upon finishing that section, I hugged my partner and thanked him for being strong enough to rope gun me up the hardest climb of my life. Jonas, being the sweetheart he is, told me that I was doing great.

Upon returning home and later returning to my desk, I felt utterly demoralized. I know that I’m strong and capable, but at the time I felt weak and ridiculous. Softened by 40 hours of sitting, week after week. The only solution I could see for about 48-hours was to quit my job and dirtbag in Squamish. I wrote a piece for the Mount Baker Experience, sent it to the editors and told a few friends that I was going to make a huge change.

Then reality set in. I still had rent to pay, a job that I’d invested time and energy into and I wasn’t sure how to logistically make it happen. So I waited it out through July.

Well, it’s August and it’s time to make moves toward the person, climber and badass I hope to be. My lease is up. My job is whatever. It’s time to go. Wish me luck.


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